How in the heck do you create something beautiful (music for example) when so much around you makes you sick to your stomach?  Honestly, sometimes I get so depressed that I would rather just stare at the ceiling than do anything else.  We (humanity) are going through a very dark time currently.  Some people can just shake it off but for me it is soul crushing and heartbreaking to see a world so lost and in such a sad state of affairs.  How does one resist the urge to wave the white flag and declare defeat under these circumstances?  I believe that the solution I am about to propose can work for any electronic music creator regardless of how awful things may seem. 

Ive talked before about left-brain and right-brain, in other words the split between the human psyche.  My solution actually requires this split to escape from the deep, dark writers block caused by depression.  Let me explain….

Right-brain is emotional.  When you are hurting emotionally, just bypass that whole part of the brain completely and exercise the left-brain (technical) part of yourself.  Do some simple file management for example.  Crucial!  Organise until you become addicted.  Or do some other seemingly mundane tasks like updating software / plugins and backing up files.  Clean up your apartment or home studio.  Watch tutorials on using a plugin you own but perhaps don’t understand how it works or how to use it like a pro.  These tasks require very little right-brain activity and will serve as a healthy distraction to feeling miserable.

Once you’ve done all these things, at some point you’re going to want to make music again. If you’re like me you’re missing that spiritual / creative energy to make that first brushstroke.  No problem, because someone else, somewhere else has decided to create sounds for you to use royalty-free and somewhere in your sample library is a sound that you can instantly connect with and physically feel its potential.  Digging for and recognising that perfect sound or loop is (in my opinion) much easier than creating it yourself when you’re in a deep state of depression.  And don’t think for a second because you didn’t come up with the whole production on your own that you are in any way inferior to other producers.  That’s a joke.  That type of thinking will get you nowhere. By the way, if you do think like that, I’ve had more than a few experiences writing a track where i started with a great sample and as it grew and I got closer to finishing it I decided to leave out the sample because the song actually sounded just as good or better without it.  Go figure! 

Hearing a sound that touches your core or resonates with your spirit awakens the right-brain.  That’s the seed.  Give it some time, some attention, and it will give back.   Nothing comes from nothing, but a little can go a long way.  At least that’s how I see it.  Let me know if you agree or disagree.

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